University explains WelFur

June 11, 2018 - Animal welfare scientists explain the background, methodology and future perspective of the science-based animal welfare assessment programme WelFur.

As a part of its obligations to disseminate science to the public Aarhus University in Denmark has published a report on the development of the animal welfare assessment programme WelFur and the practical use of the system. Aarhus University has been leading the development of the mink protocol.

The report talks about the background of the WelFur programme and goes into detail with how the scoring system works. The report also stresses the on-farm functionality of the system – WelFur has the rather unique feature that it can pinpoint the areas where the individual farm can improve.

Fur Europe endorses independent science and holds that animal welfare improvements should rely on a scientific approach. WelFur has been highlighted by the European Commission as a best practice example of modern animal welfare assessment.

The report is published by DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture is the scientific approach to agricultural and food research at Aarhus University (AU). The centre’s main tasks include knowledge exchange, research-based advisory services and interaction with authorities, organizations and companies.

University explains WelFur [PDF 860.4 Kb]