New Sustainability Research: the Fashion Industry Should Learn From the Fur Sector

August 22, 2018 - If the fashion industry really wants to be environmentally sustainable, they ought to look to the fur sector, new research says.

New research examining sustainable alternatives to today’s fashion industry, says the fashion industry should look to the fur sector to find an environmentally sustainable way forward.

The report ‘The Renew Project’ from Designskolen Kolding, Denmark, criticises modern day’s buy-and-throw-away culture, which is very much kept alive buy a fashion industry focusing on multiple annual collections designed to fit a stereotype consumer – and not the real world’s diverse range of consumers in all sort of sizes.

Using fur as a paradigm case the report suggests that at the moment there is really only one sustainable way forward for the fashion industry, and that is to design for longevity. This would involve an increased focus on services rather than production, but in turn consumers will attach more emotions to their garments. Fur garments have such characteristics. Consumers pay a relatively high price, the quality of the craftsmanship ensures long durability, while there are fur workshops around for repair services. The report reads:

“If suppliers, designers, fashion companies, retailers and consumers valued all materials as if they were as precious and scarce as we have seen it in the fur sector, the fashion sector would be much more aligned with sustainable measures than what is the case today.”

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New Sustainability Research: the Fashion Industry Should Learn From the Fur Sector [External link]