There is a difference between ideology and animal welfare

October 29, 2015 - Eurogroup4Animals and Nordic animal liberation organisations highlight "natural behaviour" as the only relevant animal welfare parameter - and at the same time suggest that fur farmed species do not exercise natural behaviour. Both claims are wrong, and Fur Europe's chairman Kenneth Ingman has written an opinion about it on

Natural behaviour – sometimes referred to as species-specific behaviour – is the main talking point of animal lobby groups in opposition to fur. The claim is that fur farmed species suffers because fur  farms do not offer several square kilometers per animal, in addition to cage enrichment like swimming water and soil to dig in. Regardless of the disease issues such measures would bring, the claim is not correct.

Not only do farmed fur animals in fact exercise species-specific behaviour in the existing housing systems, the animal lobby’s framing of natural behaviour as the only important animal welfare parameter is disrespectful to the scientific community where the consensus holds that animal welfare assessment ought to take on a multi-factorial approach. Chairman of Fur Europe, Kenneth Ingman, has written an op-ed on suggesting that the animal lobby is advocating ideology disguised as animal welfare.

You can read the op-ed here.