The One Milano: A symphony of fashion and business

March 6, 2017 - The Fashion exhibition TheOneMilano hits a record high number of buyers from all across the globe and made a clear statement. Fur fashion business is alive and thriving.


The debut of TheOneMilano exceeded the expectation of both visitors and organisers as between 24th and 27th February it attracted more then 11 000 professional buyers, 63 % of which from abroad.

The new format of the former Milan Fur Fair gave platform to 286 brands presented by 244 companies to reach out to buyers from Europe and beyond.

Visitors from Greece, Spain, and Germany along with people from Russia, China, South Korea and Ukraine enjoyed a 4-day long journey into the world of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation of fashion products that brands offered.

Fashion exhibition as TheOneMilano are often most important for small companies looking for more exposure on the international market and expansion of their contact network. Established brands, on the other hand, use the opportunity to explore new growth opportunities.

Norberto Albertalli, TheOneMilano president, commented on the outcomes of the fair.

‘’These figures are the result of long hard work. It was vital to make focus fall on the products: we had collections on display that stood out for their realness, their quality and their ability to be viably positioned in the market.’’

He added: “There is no magic formula: to be successful you need to match supply with demand, so in our case, to exhibit collections that can generate real sales turnover. ‘’

The international success of the fashion exhibition reflected the new format of the former Milan Fur Fair as this year’s fashion event was dedicated to “haute-à-porter”.

It is a result of a fusion between Mifur, the international fur and leather exhibition, and Mipap, the international prêt-à-porter exhibition.

The success of the first edition  presents the ambition to make TheOneMilano an international point of reference for both fur and leather fashion sector.

Fur Europe and IFF also attended the fair with a shared stand, promoting the vision of circular fashion and the sustainable development of the fur sector in Europe.

The next TheOneMilano is scheduled to take place from 22 to 25 September once again at the same time as Milan Fashion Week.