Romanian public to see fur farming without filter

May 11, 2016 - The pan-European open farm scheme is designed to counter myths and prejudices about fur farming in the simplest possible way: having people to see the farms and animals with their own eyes. This week farms are open in Romania.

Romanian member of Fur Europe, Asociația Generală a Fermelor și Crescătorilor Individuali de Chinchilla din România (AGFCICR) continue their open farm scheme. On Saturday 14 May the association invites the public to visit farms at eight different locations throughout Romania.

“Our main drive for organizing a nation-wide Open Farm Event is transparency, which is one of AGFCICR’s core values. By inviting people to visit our farms we try to connect with our local communities, from people interested in chinchilla farming, to students in the agricultural field and to families with kids in search of a pleasant weekend activity,” says Cornel Calin, Chairman of AGFCICR.

Open farm events take place every year on fur farms across Europe. The initiative was originally designed to counter myths and prejudices about fur farming in the simplest way – to have people see the animals with their own eyes without any filter.

“This will be the second time we open our farms to the public, following a very successful first event in May 2014 . 99.83% of the respondents to our poll had a better opinion about chinchilla farming after having attended our event. The high number of visitors, over 600 in 6 farms, and the positive feedback we received encouraged us to repeat the experience, this time on chinchilla 8 farms. This year we hope to have at least double the amount of visitors per farm, as well as a stronger presence from political stakeholders. Disseminating information about the fur sector is one of our association’s main purposes, so we want to take advantage of this occasion to speak to the people who will influence our success in the future,” Cornel Calin says.

Across Romania chinchilla farms will be open to the public Saturday 14 May.