Remix designers: Fur enhances human creativity

February 25, 2017 - The fur material provides creative opportunities unmatched by other textiles. The international Remix fur design competition concluded with the finale in Milan last night. The exploration of human creativity is at the core of Remix.

The Remix finalists came from Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine, Japan, France, Russia and Iceland.

The Remix finalists came from Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine, Japan, France, Russia and Iceland.

Designers participating in the International fur design contest Remix say the fur material enhances human creativity more than other textiles.

“Fur gives you volume. There are more options with fur and you can play with it more. You can work creatively with fur more than people realise, says Icelandic Remix finalist Ólöf Sigridur Johannesdottir. She finished second in the Remix finale in Milan Friday evening with a creative idea mixing blue collar heritage with high class identity. The development of her Remix design was a part of her graduation collection from the Icelandic Academy of the Art.

Danish Morten Ussing won the Remix competition with a design where the fur material evolves vertically and becomes more voluminous. The creation very much explored the creative opportunities unique to fur:

“We wanted to see how much we could drag out of the fur with regards to techniques. Creatively, you can do everything with fur, there are no limits. With other textiles there are limitations on the depth, the silhouette and volume, and therefore fur is quite interesting to work with. You can cut patterns in fur, for example. It is a material that develops and provide volume.” A graduate of St. martin’s College of Art in London Morten Ussing manufactures a collection under his own name.

The international Remix design competition is organised by the International Fur Federation, and Friday night’s finale in Milan was the 11 of its kind. CEO of International Fur Federation Mark Oaten says:

“Man’s brain has evolved into this fantastic centre of creativity which is unique to human beings. It is our experience that young designers are more open to the unknown and just come up with fantastic creative ideas, so we like to keep the Remix design competition a platform for human creativity where everything is possible. Fashion-wise, the creativity that has come out of Remix over the years is outstanding.”