Norwegian Parliament supports sustainable development of fur farming

January 11, 2017 - Parliament in Norway has supported the sustainable continuation of fur farming. The decision puts an end to years of discussion whether the industry should be banned in the country.

_mg_3877Parliament in Norway has voted in favour of sustainable continuation of fur farming by putting an end to years of debates whether the industry should be banned in the country.

The majority of Norwegian politicians declared their support for fur farmers who are committed to comply with high animal welfare standards and guarantee the sustainable development of the sector.

A new draft legislation was introduced by the Minister of Agriculture and put out for discussion in the Parliament as part of the requirement for continuing fur farming. It includes several initiatives designed to strengthen animal welfare on farms.

Fur farmers will have to document animal welfare by using a certification programme based on animal indicators.

“We know we have much hard work in front of us, but we are ready to develop the business in the future. [In fur farming] It shall be easy to be serious, and difficult to not be serious. Every day we will work for better animal welfare,’’ said Bertran Trane Skadsen, Chairman of the Norwegian Fur Breeders’ Association.

One of the things that could help in terms of a sustainable development could be the science-based scheme WelFur, which measures animal welfare on farms and is monitored by the third party assessment company Baltic Control at all European fur farms. Its implementation has already started from January this year.

‘’Norwegian farmers are eager to prove that when it comes to fur farming, animal welfare should be top priority.  This is why all farms already signed for having a WelFur assessment visit during this year’’, added Bertran Trane Skadsen.

Mette Lykke Nielsen, Fur Europe CEO, also commented.

“The aim of WelFur is to measure and document animal welfare, and also to serve as a tool for farmers to improve their practices. This is exactly the case with Norway – farmers with WelFur certification will have the chance to strengthen animal welfare and adopt better farm management practices. ’’

In the coming months, the Ministry of Agriculture in Norway will be working with the fur sector to polish the details around the new regulations in the country.