New Fur Europe Chairman to Work for More Proactivity

April 28, 2017 - The chairmanship of Fur Europe shifted last week during the annual meeting in Budapest as John Papsø was elected to succeed Kenneth Ingman from Finland. The main focus for him is to work for a more proactive European fur sector.

John Papsoe Næstformand Kph FurThe chairmanship of Fur Europe shifted during the annual meeting in Budapest, Hungary, last week, as Fur Europe’s new chairman John Papsø says he is keen to get to work.

A Danish farmer with years of experience and a vice chairman of the Danish Fur Breeders’ Association himself, he says a primary focus for him is to work for a more proactive European fur sector.

“It is a big task, and there are plenty of things to work with, but I look forward to the challenges and to work with all the colleagues across Europe from all parts of the value chain. Whether you are a furrier or a farmer, our common goal is to keep the fur business vibrant in Europe. We can achieve this through more proactivity, and this will be a key focus for me during my chairmanship,” says John Papsø.

Proactive activities in the European fur sector includes open farms where people can get an insight into fur farming, fashions shows demonstrating how popular is fur, and generally making sure that the voice of the fur sector is being heard in the national public debates across Europe.

“Our aim should be to complete the full implementation on WelFur during the next years, and also provide customers with increased transparency about the animal welfare standards on fur farms,” the new Fur Europe chairman says.

‘’Fur is immensely popular in Europe and this was evident from the fashion weeks where fur made a huge appearance,. We should continue to work into this direction,”  he added.

Another focus for John Papsø will be to strengthen the fur retail sales and promote the knowledge of fur and the necessary skills to work with it further, a task he imagines to be carried out in close cooperation with the International Fur Federation.

During the past four years of Finnish chairmanship Fur Europe has undergone major organisational changes, first and foremost with the merger between the European Fur Breeders’ Association and the European members of the International Fur Trade Federation. This is a very good foundation for the future.

“Kenneth Ingman led the European fur sector through a necessary but difficult reform. The international cooperation in the fur industry has never been stronger than it is now, and that was the fundamental purpose of restructuring the fur industry. Kenneth also kicked off the historical implementation of WelFur, so he has certainly delivered a solid platform for me to continue the work towards a stronger and more unified European fur sector,” John Papsø says.