New business to business website for furriers

October 16, 2015 - A new website is designed to support the increased consumer interest in fur products by targeting boutiques and retailers that currently sell little or no fur.

Business of Fur

The International Fur Federation has launched a new website initiative called Business of Fur targeting boutiques and retailers that currently take a little or no fur.  The site has details on what fur will be selling well in the next season and how shops can obtain the fur. Also featured is a guide to fur types and label requirements.

“Fur is increasingly popular among consumers, and we want to help fashion boutiques, department stores and other retailers who want to boost their sales by introducing fur. The site aims to inspire and inform buyers and sales staff on what could be the next big thing, and to make sure they have good knowledge about fur and how to source it for shops. The site also offer information about label requirements and how to maintain a fur garment,”says Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Federation.