Lack of Balance and Transparency Defines EU Parliament Anti-fur Debate

January 23, 2018 - Once again, a one-sided event attacking an entire sector is held in the European Parliament. Organised by a handful of Polish ECR MEPs working together with animal rights lobby groups, the event, called Make Fur History, takes place today, 23 January, and only includes speakers promoting one single point of view.

A roundtable discussion is also taking place, but with no proponents of contrasting views invited to speak, Fur Europe wonders what the discussion will be like.

As an organisation representing a whole sector – from farm to fashion – we are always willing to discuss with those that have views of our sector, be it positive or negative. Unfortunately, it seems the organisations behind the event prefers monologue rather than dialogue. Why else invite only those that share their point of view already.

Furthermore, we find it curious that two of the organisations behind the event, Fur Free Alliance and Otwarte Klatki, are not in the transparency register of the European Commission and the European Parliament. Among other things, this means they have not promised to live up to the code of conduct, nor will they reveal how much money they spend on lobbying. This in spite of Fur Free Alliance’s long history of lobbying and the holding events in the European Institutions.

Fur Europe regrets that the European Parliament is once again being used as a staging ground to attack an entire sector, without leaving room for opposing views.

Fur Europe calls upon the MEPs and the concerned organisations to include, in the future other speakers and experts, as for organisations which repeatedly lobby the European Institutions to register themselves and promise to live up to the same rules and transparency measures as everyone else.