Kopenhagen Fur Wins ELLE Magazine’s Sustainability Award

May 29, 2017 - European fur auction house Kopenhagen Fur has won ELLE Magazine's CSR award for its work with sustainable fashion. It is important to highlight such a major player in the fashion world, Chief Editor says.

 arets-csr-pris-kopenhagen-furGlobal fur auction house Kopenhagen Fur won the CSR price at ELLE Style Award in Copenhagen last week. The price is given to a fashion company working with sustainability, ecology or social responsibility in ways which make consumers aware that alternative, sustainable choices are available.

On the nomination ELLE wrote that “by working with CSR the old, illustrious fur house Kopenhagen Fur has added an additional dimension to their new and fresh design identity, and at the same time it seems like a logical step to take with the exclusive natural material.”

A cooperative jointly owned by 1.500 Danish fur farmers Kopenhagen Fur participates in the science-based animal welfare assessment programme WelFur, that is being implemented on 4.000 European mink and fox farms in the period 2017-2020. The fur company also works with circular economy, for example Kopenhagen Fur conducts serious research on turning kitchen waste into animal feed, and has made efforts to bring down water and energy consumption. On the design side of things Kopenhagen Fur has entered into a cooperation with researchers at Design School Kolding of in the pursuing of sustainable fashion design.

“The uniqueness of fur as a material is that it is incredibly strong and long-lasting and it looks new for many years, and this brings some opportunities in comparison with other textile materials. All the things the entire fashion industry talks about and is interested in – new green business models, vintage, re-design and upcycling – has just been done all the time in the fur industry,” says Else Skjold, researcher at Design School Kolding.

To Kopenhagen Fur sustainability goes hand in hand with a profitable business:

“There is no doubt that fur is still trending on the streets, but if we are to maintain a successful business in the future it is important that both the fashion industry as well as the consumers understand that buying fur is a responsible and ethical choice,” says Creative Manager Julie Maria Iversen, while ELLE put weight on the importance of big fashion companies being on the forefront of the sustainability wave.

“Kopenhagen Fur is one of the players who can make a major impact. It is a world famous company trading with many of the major fashion houses. It is a company the world is paying attention to, so it is important to highlight you with a price like this. Regardless if we are talking about fashion, beauty products or food, sustainability has to be the basis,” Cecilie Ingdal, Chief Editor of ELLE Denmark says.