Inspiration & Information: Youth path to fur fashion

January 30, 2017 - The workshop ''Discovering fur'' gathered together young fashion and design students for a showcase of the limitless opportunities to use fur in fashion.



‘’All young designers need the basic information. If they don’t have it – they will not use fur in the future.’’ 

This is how Pia Blomström explained the decision behind ‘’Discovering fur’’ – a week-long workshop in Finland organised for students who want some hands-on experience on how to use fur in fashion.

The slogan that inspiration goes hand in hand with information is probably the best way to describe the project, which became a reality after the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association (Profur) and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland decided to work together.

The aim is to promoted fur in fashion and help for raising more awareness and knowledge of the European fur sector amongst young people.

The workshop expanded even further when the Belgian Fur Trade Association and Belgian school  Haute École Francisco Ferrer also got involved.

The joint efforts provided fashion and design students with a  journey in the fur world covering the most important parts of the value chain.

Participants were given all they needed – tools, fur materials, samples, presentations of special techniques in fur processing and most importantly – visits to fox and mink farms.

‘’One part of the workshop is to visit a fox farm so the participants can see with their own eyes how the animals are treated and also hear everything about the certification programme WelFur,’’ said Pia Blomström, who coordinates the workshop.

This is exactly what helped Chloé Corrillon, a student from Haute École Francisco Ferrerto to see fur in a different light rather than a material which is difficult to handle.

‘’It was an opportunity for me to further understand what fur is, from where it comes from and how to use it properly. I always thought this material was so luxurious […] It kind of scared me to work with it,’’ she explained.

‘’After a week in the workshop, I see it differently. It doesn’t scare me that much anymore because I have learned what I could do with it. I saw, for example, that fur is forgiving. You can mess up and start again – nobody would notice. I saw that it was possible to do an amazing work with only “trash” and small left pieces.’’

More confident that she now has the skills, Chloé is ready to take up the new challenge and apply all she learnt in practice.

‘’I see fur as a noble material and a precious thing because of how we get it. I don’t want to waste it. I just want to make something that is going to be worthy of it,’’ she added.

Chloé vowed to use her inspiration and starts creating new fur designs soon.