Hungarian Design Event Endorsed by EU Commission

October 11, 2017 - The fur design workshop was endorsed by the European Commission as a best practices example of vocational training and education for 2017.

Hungarian fur design workshop has caught the interest of the European Commission which included it on its web-based map as a best practices example of vocational training and education for 2017.

Branded ‘’Pimp up with Fur!’’ (Tuningolj szőrmével!) the workshop organised by the Hungarian Fur Trade Association aims to help young people discover their talent to work with fur and develop a career within the sector.

Efforts to develop new vocational educational training in across Europe are deemed as an investment in quality human resources vital for securing the future of the sector.

‘’We noticed a curious trends around Europe. Young people want to work with fur but often lack enough opportunities to find out how. Hungarian Fur Trade Association managed to address the issue in a holistic manner by providing a high-quality education,’’ says Adam Gono, who coordinates Fur Europe’s Youth Initiative.

The workshop is also seen by many as an opportunity to provide learners with skills that match the needs of employers and companies.

Open for young people interested in extending their knowledge in fur and fur designing, it offers 5 days in a fur laboratory accompanied by one day on a chinchilla farm to learn more about fur farming.

The comprehensive approach along with the ambition to train people develop skills and competences that are currently scarce at the labour market is what makes the event a best practice example of vocational training.

As part of EU Commission’s endorsement, the ‘’Pimp up with Fur!’’ has been included as part of the online EU Vocational Skills Week Map on the Commission’s website to get better exposure and interest.

The fur workshop could also help talented people with their ambition of participating into annual fashion design competition at ‘’Creation 2017’’ also organised by Hungarian Fur Trade Association.

For the last six years ‘’Creation’’ has become a flagship fur design competition each year attracting hundreds of guests including politicians, media, fashion designers, fashion school representatives.