Fur scientist congress to kick off in Finland

August 19, 2016 - The international fur scientist community's congress, which is held every fourth year, begins in Helsinki, Finland, next week. The scientific congress gathers more than 100 participants.

Helsinki in Finland is the host of the 11th IFASA congress (International Fur Animal Scientific Association), which will take place 23-26 August 2016. The congress, which is held every fourth year, gathers the world’s leading fur animal scientists representsing all relevant scientific disciplines. More than 110 participants are arriving for the Helsinki congress.

IFASA provides the structure and a forum for interaction of scientists from all countries who are engaged in research in animal behaviour and welfare, nutrition, disease prevention, physiology and genetics.

Read more about the International Fur Animal Scientific Association on IFASA’s website, from where there is also access to the extensive database of scientific literature concerning fur animals.