Fur Europe spoke at fur hearing in Norway

November 24, 2016 - The science-based foundation of the animal welfare assessment programme WelFur will help Norwegian fur farmers document progress on animal welfare, Fur Europe's CEO said at today 's hearing.


Norwegian fur farmers have now signed up to become a part of the animal welfare assessment programme WelFur that can help document animal welfare improvements.


CEO of Fur Europe, Mette Lykke Nielsen, was invited to speak at today’s hearing in the Norwegian Parliament’s Business Committee. The future of fur farming has been discussed for several years in Norway. In 2014, a group of experts recommended initiatives for the sustainable development of fur farming in Norway, and two weeks a go the Norwegian government proposed a number of animal welfare related initiatives, but rejected to support the ban on fur farming that has been the goal for Norway’s animal rights organisations for years.

Mette Lykke Nielsen informed the committee about the independent, scientific basis of the European fur sector WelFur programme. While WelFur is an animal welfare assessment tool, it also collects a large amount of data in ways which can be utilised for improved farm management and documentation. In Norway, there is much focus on documenting the progress on animal welfare in the fur sector.