Fur Europe looks forward to a balanced debate during Intergroup on Animal Welfare meeting

November 26, 2015 - The European Parliament’s (EP) Intergroup on the welfare and Conservation of Animals hosts today a meeting focused on fur farming in Strasbourg. Fur Europe, the umbrella organisation representing the European fur sector, will join the meeting to answer any question posed on fur farming and animal welfare in Europe.

Fur Europe aims at providing a realistic and science based image of this activity.

The meeting agenda includes presentations of animal rights movements and national authorities representatives but not from any fur sector representation, offering a partial view of fur farming. Therefore, as Fur Europe’s request to give a presentation hasn’t been accepted, our association has shared a presentation on fur farming and animal welfare in Europe to the members of the intergroup to provide a more balanced view.

Fur Europe is looking forward to having a fair and balanced debate in this meeting, welcoming questions on this matters from the other participants.