Fur Cycling Team Raises Money to Fight Cancer

August 4, 2017 - The Dutch fur sector raises money to fight one of the deadliest forms of cancer. People within the sector have put together a team called Fur Life in an effort to help medical research into brain tumours.

Fur Life wears fox tails on their helmet as a symbol of their team

Farmers, veterinarians and people working at the auction houses cycle and walk across mountains as part of a fundraising campaign for brain tumour research.

‘’Brain tumours are the most aggressive and deadly form of cancer, and the chance of a prolonged life improving treatment or cure are very small compared to other types of cancer. Only a small part of the available research money go for research against brain tumours,’’ explains Nicoline De Wit, one of the members of team Fur Life.

 A former Summer School participant now working for NAFA, she joined the initiative 3 years ago when realising that cancer nowadays affects the life of everyone – not only those diagnosed with it.

‘’We all know people who are fighting against cancer or sadly died. The father of one of my friends passed away 5 years ago because of a brain tumour. Instead of looking powerless, I decided I wanted to raise as much money as possible so we can try to get cancer out of this world.’’

Fur Life was started when in 2010 the veterinarian Harold Hissink joined one of the biggest fundraiser events, in which people either walk or cycle the legendary Tour de France mountains Alpe d’Huzes, for a maximum of six times in succession.

In less than a decade the team raised almost 250.000 euro. For this year they are at the point of fundraising more than 16.000 euro.

 ‘’The whole Dutch fur industry supports us – feed kitchens, mink farmers, auction houses, veterinary practices and all related companies.  Everybody who is involved in the fur industry can join our team,’’ says Nicoline.

Nicoline De Wit, one of the members of team Fur Life

Finding enough time for training is the main challenge for the participants, and in particular for those working on farms. This year the team has decided to join the Ventoux3.

‘’The Alpe d’Huzes is always in July and for the mink farmers it is almost impossible to leave at that time. This year’s Ventoux3 takes place on September 8th which is much better timing.’’

As it usually works in sport, every team has its own symbol to represent them and Fur Life is no exception.

‘’Every year we wear a fox tail on our helmet. This way our supporters can see us, and we are also proud of our fur business and we like to show that.’’

Anyone interested in helping the cause can visit the Ventoux3 website and choose ‘’Team Fur Life’’ to donate money for brain tumour research. People also can buy a bottle of wine or keychain fur heart to support the fight against cancer.