Fur Ban Voted Down A Second Time in Estonia

January 23, 2019 - A second proposal to ban fur farming in Estonia failed to pass the first reading in the Estonian Parliament yesterday.

For the second time within two years, the Estonian Parliament has voted in favour of fur farming. Yesterday a first reading of a proposal to ban the keeping of “animals solely or mainly for the purpose of fur production” was rejected in the Estonian Parliament’s Plenary Session. Only 25 of 101 Members of Parliament supported the ban, resembling the vote in May 2017.

The current proposal was put forward in November 2018, and thus had a short life. On the contrary, the first proposal had a much longer life span, and included the establishing of an expert committee that evaluated all parts of the Estonian fur trade including economy, animal welfare, manufacturing and ethics.

Amongst other things the expert committee concluded that there is no ethical foundation to consider fur farming exclusively wrong when compared with other systems of livestock production.

Another major force in the legitimisation of fur farming is the ongoing implementation of the animal welfare programme WelFur, a programme developed by independent animal welfare experts from seven European Universities. In January 2019, WelFur was endorsed as a Self-Regulation by the European Commission, which stresses the credibility and scientific basis of WelFur.