Former “Discovering Fur” Participant Debuts with New Fur Collection

September 20, 2017 - More than half a year ago Chloé Corrillon made a promise. She vowed to start using fur in her fashion collections.

Back then she was one of the participants, whose entire perception of fur as a material has changed after the Discovering Fur workshop that took place Finland in January.

Chloé has kept her word and is now introducing her first own collection as a fashion designer graduating at the Belgian school Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer.

Featuring natural materials such as fur and leather, the autumn-winter collection is entirely based on manipulation of fabrics.

”Experimenting with different textures and mixing them is what I have always liked,” says Chloé.

Despite once thinking of fur as difficult to handle, the young designer has decided to take the challenge and take the experiments further.

Back in Finland Chloé has figured that blue fox fur fits her idea for the collection.

”I saw where fur comes from and how to manipulate it properly and of course not to waste any of it.”

Turning the idea into a reality did not go without challenges.

”Because I did not have the proper machine back home, what I realized for my collection had to be sewn by hand,” explains Chloé.

It takes three months and help from family and friends to prepare the entire collection.

”I had from March to the beginning of June to finish everything. In this time I did the drawings, the fabric sourcing, the pattern making, sewing, distressing and bleaching.”

Now Thinking about the future, Chloé says she is ready to dive into the fashion business with new ideas. While still trying to figure what will be the next step in her career, she says fur workshops are always a step into the right direction for those like her who want to learn more about fur.