Finnish Fur Farmers Take Immediate Action to Prevent Isolated Cases of Oversized Foxes in the Future

August 29, 2017 - Although it is only a limited problem, Finnish fur farmers now recruits additional vets and intensifies cooperation with authorities in order to effectively put an end to the breeding of oversized foxes. The implementation of the science-based animal welfare programme WelFur also plays an important role.

The Finnish fur sector is now taking a series of measures to investigate and prevent the isolated cases of  some oversized foxes  following  a recent video made on a few Finnish fox farms.

“We do not accept oversized or sick animals. Animal welfare and responsible breeding is the foundation for us all. In August, five cases of overweight foxes were reported to the authorities immediately. We immediately checked the farms, and no overweight animals were found and the facilities were well maintained. Even if it is only a fraction of the animals, we take this very seriously,” Marja Tiura, Managing Director of the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association ProFur says.

The association has now recruited additional veterinarians and has intensified cooperation with the Finnish authorities. As the science-based animal welfare assessment programme WelFur currently is being implemented across Europe, the Finnish certification rules will be further streamlined, and possible violations will be sanctioned more severely. When fully implemented only WelFur-certified fox skins will be sold in Finland, and if a farm loses its certificate, it will also lose its sales channel.

“One of the attributes of the WelFur programme is that WelFur has a built-in management tool that can be directly utilised by fur farmers to improve selection and animal welfare. The data from WelFur will also provide us all the knowledge we need to identify and solve possible animal welfare issues on European fur farms,” says Mette Lykke Nielsen, CEO of Fur Europe.