Big, voluminous and wild – New York Fashion Week proposes lots of fur

February 27, 2015 - Next year’s winter/autumn collections are being highlighted at the trendsetting fashion runways these weeks. Fur industry representatives following the shows in New York predicts another season full of fur as they have observed an emerging trend of fox, wild fur and other voluminous fur types on the New York Runways. Interestingly, the New York collections pointed to a coming trend of full fur garments in fashion.

Fur on the runway at NY Fashion Week

Male model on runway with letterman jacket made out of fur

“It was great to see that there were a lot of fur in New York. The fashion week falls too early to establish the trends with any certainty, but New York also represents European designers and works fine as an indicator, and I have a feeling that we are going to experience a good fur year. The designers have discovered the entire spectre of fur types, and I was happy to see a lot fox fur in New York,” says Director of Marketing at Saga Furs, Jan Erik Carlson, who pointed to a trend towards full fur garments also noticed by PR and Marketing Manager at Kopenhagen Fur, Ditte Sorknæs.

“What was interesting in New York was the Men’s Wear and we saw fur for men everywhere. Earlier attempts to make fur designs for men have downplayed the fur, but in New York the ‘pimp’ style is in fashion. It is not discrete, these are big styles using lots of skins. We saw it on the streets too, not only amongst the black population but also with the Soho-hipster types,” she says. Like Jan Erik Carlson she also points to the long-haired fur types as well as the wild types emerging in next year’s collections, and both auction houses noticed that a freezing cold New York had sparked the sales of gigantic fur hats, a trend also observed on the runways.

The emerging trend of full fur garments ignites the idea that more fur skins are needed in the year to come.

“The international fashion weeks are the high end of fashion, and the trends and themes are established here, but it is still the Chinese market that will drive the global demand next season. However, if there is full fur garments in the large fashion cities it will also stimulate a market in China,” Jan Erik Carlson says.

The coming weeks will reveal if the fur trends of New York are mirrored too in Europe’s fashion capitals. Last year’s fashion weeks continued the trend of recent years with an increasing amount of fur on the trendsetting runways. On average the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris displayed fur on 71% of the runways a year ago according to Saga Furs photographers’ team.

From the layer just underneath the ‘big four’, Madrid Fashion Week has already highlighted that fur continues to be popular in fashion. Spanish member of Fur Europe and IFF, OEEP, reports that 95% of the runways in Madrid displayed fur in early February. Also Copenhagen Fashion Week highlighted the fur material, not least through the opening show hosted by Kopenhagen Fur that displayed fur designs by 21 design students from all over the world. 800 guests including several ministers and some 30 MPs participated in the opening show in the new building in the heart of Copenhagen that accommodates the Confederation of Danish Industry.