Animal Lobby to Pay 58,000 Euro for Breaking in to Fur Farm

October 19, 2017 - Norwegian animal lobby activists put mink in danger of disease while producing 'sensational' undercover footage on fur farms. Caught lying in front of the court they were sentenced to pay damages totalling 58,000 euro.

The Norwegian appeal court has 18 October sentenced four members of animal lobby group Nettverk for Dyrs Frihet to pay damages amounting to 21,000 euro to a Norwegian fur farmer. In addition the animal advocates were sentenced to pay the legal costs of 37,000 euro.

The damages are to cover blood testing of 7,500 mink the animal lobby advocates put in danger of the virus-based Aleutheans Disease by breaking in to various fur farms without taking the necessary protection measures. The farm break ins happened in 2013, and was a part of a plan to expose alleged cruelty on Norway’s fur farms with sensational undercover footage.

The animal advocates had prior knowledge of a contaminated farm before breaking in to it, but while they claimed in front of the court to have been wearing protection gloves when breaking in to more farms, the very farm footage they obtained and published revealed this not to be true.

The debate over fur farming concluded earlier this year with parliament decision to support the sustainable development of Norwegian fur farming.