Open Farm Day in Denmark

There were many opportunities on how to spend Sunday, 17 September, when anyone interested could swing by one of the Danish mink farms that opened their farms for the annual event 'Open Farm Day'.

22 April 2017: Open farms in Poland

People have the chance to visit fur farms across Poland as part of the Pan-European Open Farm scheme. Farmers in 5 mink farm welcome visitors on 22 April as they hope people will finally get more realistic image of the fur industry.

23-26 August: IFASA Congress

The International Fur Animal Scientific Association's congress takes place in Helsinki, Finland. Independent scientists engaged in research in animal behaviour and welfare, nutrition, disease prevention, physiology and genetics presents their latest research.

11-12 June 2016: Open Farms in Norway

Acting on the values of openness and transparency Norwegian fur farmers invite the public to visit their fur farms in the weekend 11-12 June 2016. Seven farms participate and the Norwegian Fur Breeders' Association has announced another round of open farms in the fall.

23 August-1 September 2016: Fur Summer School

Focusing on entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, innovation, design, business, ethics and communication the annual Fur Summer School promotes the next generation of professionals and a continued vibrant fur community.

14 May 2016: Open Farms in Romania

The pan-European open farm scheme is designed to do away with myths and prejudices about fur farming in Europe. On Saturday the Romanian public can see the conditions with they own eyes on eight different fur farms.

9-11 February 2016: Workshop for European retailers

Retailers from across Europe meet in Amsterdam to strengthen network and cooperation, and develop new ideas evolving around issues like online trade, certification, sustainability and ethics.

29 September-1 October 2015: This is Fur 2015

This is Fur 2015 is the European fur sector's information event targeted at politicians, administration and other stakeholders in Brussels. The event takes place in the European Parliament 29 September to 1 October.