Global Fur

An international business since the 16th Century when the transatlantic fur trade played an important part in the economy of the new American continent, the fur community of today remains a global business. On this page you will find links to important members of the global fur community.



International Fur Federation (IFF)
Located in London, the International Fur Federation is the global body of the international fur business, and the headquarter of the three regional offices IFF Americas, IFF Eurasia and IFF Asia. Traditionally a pure trade organisation, the modern IFF works with policies for trapping standards, animal welfare, biodiversity and environment in addition to fashion- and market development.

Kopenhagen Fur
The world’s largest auction house for raw skins is located outside Copenhagen in Denmark. The auction house works as a cooperative owned 100% by the Danish fur farmers. During its five annual auctions in January, March, April, June and September, Kopenhagen fur offers more than 21 million fur skins, primarily mink, and the auction is sought after buy the global buyers due to the large sales catalogue.

Kopenhagen Internationale Centre for Kreativitet is the creative arm of Kopenhagen Fur. Kick bridges the gap between the fur and fashion industries by working as a network facilitator between designers and commercial businesses. KiCK has three business divisions: the commercial platform Kopenhagen Nexus, the creative core Kopenhagen Studio and Kopenhagen Fur Fab that organises events and administrates the world’s largest library of fur products.

Saga Furs
The Finnish fur auction house Saga Furs is the world leading fur auction house for fox furs, and offers the world’s second largest fur sales overall. The four annual auctions at Saga Furs in Helsinki take place in March, June, September and December. Saga Furs offers their customers skins from a certified farm catalogue, and in cooperation with Seattle-based auction house American Legend, Saga Furs additionally sells a wide range of North American wild fur.

Saga Furs Design Centre
Originally the jointly owned marketing division of fur farmers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Saga Furs Design Centre is today owned and driven by the Finnish auction house. It is a creative laboratory for innovation in fur, and the design centre has had more than 30,000 visits from designers experimenting with fur and seeking new knowledge on fur techniques during since the establishment in 1986.

Business of Fur
Business of Fur represents an entrance to the world of fur for retailers, fashion boutiques and other with an interest in selling fur. The website offers extensive information material about fur types, fashion trends, fur craftsmanship, suppliers and labelling and legislation standards across the world.


North America

Truth About Fur
A comprehensive website with plenty of social media action, Truth About Fur is published by the North American fur trade and offers plentiful information about fur and fur farming including educational material, videos, bloggers, fur industry profiles and the opportunity to put forward questions directly through the website. With North America being the source of most wild fur, Truth About Fur also offers plenty information about trapping standards and conservation.

Fur Information Council of America
The Fur Information Council of America (FICA) is an umbrella association covering fur retailers and manufacturers across the United States. FICA’s members collectively account for over 80 percent of the fur sales in the United States.

Fur Insider
The fashion focused Fur Insider features an impressive insight into fur fashion. The website is published by the North American fur trade and offers just about everything related to fur and fashion including a long range of social media opportunities.